The Most Effective Types Of Social Media Advertising

Back then, advertisements are only really just limited to television, billboards and flyers. Now, if it isn’t on the internet bothering you every time you scroll down at something, it somehow isn’t as relevant as it was back then. Luckily, lots of companies learned to adopt quickly. Restaurants and other different sorts of businesses learned to utilise the growing power of the internet to grow bigger and become more successful. It didn’t always go well, but anything that appears after a couple of scrolls a few times is sure to get some familiarity. After all, if people see it often enough, they’d feel compelled to buy something from them later on.


It’s THE universal social media platform. It has more than two billion users and advertisers everywhere has been using it to promote their own companies and their products for a long while. It never fails them either, since it has the most people in there that sees it. Most of the bigger companies use it anyway so their own sales increase. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good place for starters, either. Newer business also utilise Facebook for their business, especially the ones that sell clothes. If you have been on Facebook recently, you would see the advertisements that we are talking about, since they are everywhere now.


Instagram also boasts their over 500 million users. It has better audience engagements at least. Since this platform is more video and image heavy, you might have to get the prettiest and most pleasing photos to get your sales. You need to seduce your potential customers with pretty images, considering that it has a larger female audience that it does with males. Still, a lot of men use Instagram so do keep that in mind. It’s also a lot easier to interact with your customers in Instagram, since they are generally just a bit nicer than Facebook and a million percent less toxic than Twitter.


A lot of people use this. It’s where news and controversy happens and where it gets spread. It gets a lot of attention and traffic like you wouldn’t believe. It’s also a double-edged sword. It’s one of the most cancerous platform ever, what with people throwing away fights and their ill-minded opinions everywhere like nobody’s business. Still, it gets the ads and the sales. Just be careful with how you interact with the people there, though. There are lots of different people there. Some that are nice and well-meaning, some are MEAN but well-meaning, some are nice but actually want to attack, and some that are the toxic kinds.


If you thought Instagram was image-based, Pinterest is even more that. This one mostly really targets women since 81% percent of its users are all females. Most of the photos that you see panders women and it’s a great way to advertise your stuff there, as long as you make the photos and videos appealing enough for it.