Promoting Your Book In 5 Ways

Writing a book and getting it published is just half the battle. The next part is in getting copies sold. Being a newbie author, you may not have much idea yet about the ins and outs of the book advertising world. You’re a writer, after all, and all you have to do is create and write a great story. Do you have to do the advertising for it as well? The answer to that question is yes.

Shouldn’t you just get someone with great advertising skills to do the deed for you? Yes, you can do that, or you can learn a bit of those skills as they may prove useful for you. You obviously have chosen the latter, that’s why you’re here.

Fret no more, you’ve come to the right place. This article is written just for you, new authors young and old, and even for those who yet have qualms about their advertising skills. 

Advertising or promotion is essential in letting people know about the existence of your book. You don’t entirely rely on your publisher, even, to market your book for you, especially if you haven’t yet sold a few number of copies.

If you want a bestseller, prepare to roll up your sleeves to get your book in the hands of more people. Here are five ways:

1. Announce To Your Followers

It’s basic. Announce the release of your new book through your own website or blog. Send an email to your readers. You most likely have already built a bit of following among your contacts and these are the core people who most definitely must hear about your new book. Never forget to stay in touch with the audience you already have prior to the publishing of the book. Have an email list ready of these people.

2. Through Someone Else’s Blog Post

Find some people who will write about your book or have a blog where you can guest post. With a little bit of research, you’d be able to spot quite a lot of influencers, who are up for a barter system to collaborate with you.

3. Find Your Target Audience’s Spots

The internet is a big world itself, so how do you find the people who would love to hear about the release of one of the world’s best humorous fiction novels? First, identify your audience. Then, you input the right keywords on the Google search bar. It should lead you to some of your audience’s favourite virtual corners, including the bloggers they follow. You may even find some book bloggers seeking for authors to feature and interview.

4. Through Social Media

Social media will always be a powerful tool to get a message across, especially because people are so active on social media these days. For your book’s success, you can start talking about it on your account and then enlist the help of your family, friends, other relatives and even colleagues in spreading the news. They would gladly announce and share teasers of your book to their own massive list of followers, and they more likely than not have a contact who gets interested with your book, making it easy for you to draw in prospective readers. By merely sharing your book teaser with your own contacts on social media, you can increase the number of your readers. Don’t forget to ask your contacts to place reviews on your book on online book stores.

5. Free Samples

As readers can check the pages of a book at a bookstore, you can give your audience some free samples – a few chapters of your book, for example. Have them in pdf files that your readers can download for free and share online. A couple of the best chapters of your book should suffice. You can also provide free copies to certain people who are either potential clients or are already your avid fan. It takes a little bit of time and effort, but promoting your own book is one way of ensuring you’d be able to sell more copies. With the advice above, you should be able to increase your book’s chances of becoming a bestseller!