Advertising Boom

Each year, various companies and brands have found ways to improve their method of advertising in order to reach more people and—in effect—attain more customers and / or product consumers. Advertising, in a way, is essential for companies who wish their business/es to prosper. With the development of new technology and the emergence of the global village; companies, brands and businesses alike would also have to develop their way of advertising in order to catch up with the current trend.

Mobile Video Ads

With the revolution of smartphones and tablets, nearly everyone in highly-developed—or even developing countries—have depended on their gadgets for such things as receiving information, updating their statuses on social networks and entertaining themselves with music, photos and videos. It has been a norm through the years that advertising trends include video ads. Companies and various other establishments have improved their advertisement through time, though, as statistics show that people have short attention spans when it comes to advertisements that already seem boring at first.

Mobile Video Ads –

Pay-to-play Ads

If there is one thing that people really love to spend time with on their various technological devices, it is gaming. Advertisers have then decided to incorporate their ads on “free” games in order to catch the people’s attention. Their techniques include using ads as a way to allow gamers to earn coins or points in their games—things that are normally supposed to be paid for by the gamer.

Making use of social network sites

Admit it, nearly 90% of smartphone or tablet users visit their social networking accounts every day. Marketing and advertising strategists should then use this to their advantage by creating ads that are short and attention-grabbing, and not the typical long and seemingly-spam ads that just make people want to unfollow the sites that advertise them.