Hiring A Same Day Courier Service: Aspects To Consider

Aspects To Consider When Looking For A Same Day Courier Service

There are always occasions when we need stuff sent to a customer or supplier and time is often of the essence. Outsourcing is usually the best solution when it comes to logistics and if you are looking to forge an alliance with a third-party logistics firm, here are a few important aspects to take into account before choosing a provider.


The successful third-party logistics (3PL) company would have several depots, plus an impressive fleet of trucks and a workforce with a ‘can do’ attitude. When you need a reputable courier service in your area, Google is your best friend and if the provider is established, they will have the resources to ensure rapid delivery.


The best logistics doesn’t have to be the most expensive and with an Internet search, you can bring up a list of local 3PL firms and easily compare prices. While cost is important, reliability should be the main concern and regular customers usually get a slightly lower rate.

Rapid Response

From the moment you ask for the quote, you should expect a prompt & professional response, with their website having a 24/7 text feature, allowing you to book the delivery there and then. Don’t be surprised if their vehicle turns up almost immediately, as they have voice communication with all drivers and can quickly arrange a collection. If you would like to learn more about third-party logistics, an online search will bring up a list of 3PL providers.


Of course, you want a logistics partner that you can rely on and when browsing websites and those logistics services Melbourne uses are among the most dependable. You can also find reliable services in your area through a Google search, but do read any online reviews. An impressive client list is also a sign of good service. Your customers aren’t interested in excuses, rather they expect fast service and the best way to ensure this is using a 3PL company that has a depot nearby.

Fully Insured

Very important with high-value cargo, your logistics partner should have adequate insurance to cover for every eventuality, which would be evident somewhere on their website.

The Right Attitude

Ideally, your 3PL partner should be one with a ‘can do’ attitude and they would do whatever they could to ensure on-time deliveries, all the while providing service with a smile. Customer-focused businesses usually develop a great reputation, with many using independent review programs that show a very high rating.

Outside Hours Service

There will be times when you need a package sent on the same day, and there’s the same day courier Melbourne uses. If you have to make a delivery late in the evening or on a Sunday, that’s when you need a 24/7 service, which the leading 3PL can also provide. They’re only a phone call away and with their experience and resources, they have what it takes to be your logistical support for as long as you wish.

As you are going to need a same day courier service frequently, you are advised to choose a leading 3PL firm that has the resources to ensure all your collections and deliveries go without a hitch.