How Are Phone Companies Marketing Themselves?

They are definitely doing something right if they always manage to get each and every one of us to buy their new products every time they release them. So how ARE they doing it? How did they manage to always rope us into wasting our money for them?

Research. It all really comes down to them ding their research. They don’t just make something that they THINK will interest us and then proceed to sell it to us thinking we’ll bite. No, they do their research and actually ask what it is we would want in a phone. Then they use the answers and utilise them into making a product that actually have what we wanted.

  • You wanted a better camera quality both at the front and back? You got it.
  • The screen resolution needs to be better? Coming right up.
  • Ram and Rom needs to be bigger and faster while not really breaking our budget? They are working on it.

Those are just some of the examples. These companies actually know what they are doing, despite our complaints when they release something so expensive yet so incredibly useless (Apple, you’re guilty on this).

There is also the way we, as the consumers, choose between phones.

There are some articles who do explain how these work in full detail, however, the bottom line is that we have 5 things to look for when we pick out a phone.

  • Price
  • Size
  • Brand
  • Technical Features
  • Interface

These days since we have so many choices when trying to find a phone that suits our style and needs, we would often find the right one that catches these 5 characteristics right to the T. Or at least something close to them.

Then you get to the point where we tend to be more loyal to one specific brand even when majority of the phones out there right now are basically the same in terms of looks and features. Why is that? Why are we loyal when all of them even have the same price most of the time?

This is based on how the companies advertise. It’s about the personality of the brand that either mirrored the CEO of these respective companies or the people behind the marketing strategy.

There is also the change in how they advertise their stuff. From traditional media to social media. Most of us order our phones online now and just wait for it to arrive at our doorstep. However, for those who still like to take a stroll in the mall to hang out, we would often see these digital stores selling phones to us at the same price if not cheaper (because it wouldn’t have a shipping fee).

In any case, whatever you might prefer as a brand, you cannot deny that they are selling their products way faster than possible.