2019’s Best Android Apps – Do You Already Have It?

Since we all are using our phones more than we ever did in, say, 2010, there is also an influx of so many apps that we can use. Some are free (because of ads so it isn’t really FREE if you know what I mean) and there are those that you need to pay on the spot. Nonetheless, we use them whether for our everyday use, for business or for fun. Even I have about 5 or more reading apps just because I like to read so many fanfictions, ebooks and light novels at the same time. But we aren’t here to discuss that.

We are here for the best androids that you’re “supposed” to have this 2019, based on digitaltrends, that is.

Spark Email

Most of us really just use our default apps that have already been installed in our phones from the moment we bought them. They aren’t BAD per se, but maybe it’s time to change it up to something newer like this one. It can snooze emails and offers the Smart Inbox, not to mention it’s one of the newest apps this year so you can bet that it’s going to be updated to your needs too.


This is for those Instagram users who love posting their stories every day. This app lets you do that too BUT with more fun features that go with it! I use Instagram too and I’m definitely going to download this just because I like the features in the Stories.


Are you someone who has trouble sleeping? Or maybe someone who sleeps too much? Maybe you should have a tracker that will help you with your sleep next time so you get the exact hours of much-needed rest? Adults tend to not sleep much anymore and even if they try, they still can’t get the proper amount. Been there, done that. So with the help of Rise, maybe (just MAYBE) I’m actually going to be more aware of just how many hours I get to sleep.

Now for the ones listed in android authority:


Want an app that tells you the weather and its forecast that is up to 12 weeks? This one can do that and with its fun widgets, it makes things just a little better knowing that you can now know your days(depending if they get bad or good) can be shown in pretty ways. It’s free to use although it may have some ads, however that is okay because the developers have to have some kind of payment for their handwork on this thing, right? Well, if you pay for the additional $1.99, then it would get rid of the ads. Both versions are the same, by the way, so don’t worry about it.

Pocket Casts

Like to listen to podcasts? Well this app is here for that. Not only is this app really attractive to look at and use, but it can also let you download or stream some of the podcasts that you like. It features both video and audio-only so you don’t have to worry about which one you like to enjoy on. There you have it, some of the supposedly best apps for this year.

They aren’t ranked, by the way, but check them out in case you haven’t already downloaded them like I just did.