Why Aluminium Makes Sense For Commercial Gates

Why Aluminium Is The Best Choice For Commercial Gates

If you are thinking about replacing those old steel gates to your business premises, there are many reasons to choose aluminium, which we will examine in this article. This amazing metal has many qualities that make for an attractive gate design and with automation, you are projecting the right image.

Here are a few reasons to design and build aluminium gates for your office or warehouse.

  • Visually Appealing – If the natural metal finish isn’t your choice, aluminium can be powder-coated to any colour; search online for a leading custom gate company near you and ask them to pay you a visit. The art of blending the gates with the structure is something the custom gate company excel at, and because you are creating the units from scratch, you have carte blanche.
  • Maintenance Free – Of course, maintenance must always be considered and the less you have, the better; aluminium doesn’t corrode, nor does it rust or discolour and with the best set of aluminium driveway gates UK or any other country where you’re living can offer, you can incorporate hi-tech for employee access. A team of professionals in your area would be happy to help you. Once installed, the maintenance team would pay you a visit every 2-3 months to check that all is well and that would likely be included in the agreement. Even if you have to pay to have the gates serviced, it is not something to overlook.
  • Light & Strong – Aluminium offers the best of both worlds in that it is light and very strong, which means the electric motor is not put under heavy pressure, ensuring smooth operation at all times. The motor can be concealed below ground, which protects the unit, and with regular lubrication and inspection, your electric gates will prove to be very functional.
  • Unique Design – There are no off-the-shelf solutions with commercial gating; rather the designer and the business owner survey the site and design the gates from the ground up. Aluminium is very versatile. A single sliding gate would be the optimal design, as it requires no extra space to operate and providing the site is suitable, this would be the preferred design. You could have the company name and logo fabricated and have them fitted onto the gates, which is great for branding.
  • Range Of Finishes – Aluminium can be finished in a sheen, or it could be matte, or even anodised into a pattern. Colours offer alternatives and when you approach a custom gate supplier, they would help you choose the best in terms of finish. Sit down with a gate designer and see what you come up with; it pays to spend time at the design stage to ensure optimum operation.

You might prefer a combination of aluminium and hardwood while viewing the hundreds of images on the website of the gate company should lead to the right design. There are many hi-tech add-ons with commercial gating; CCTV, vehicle sensors and keypad access, to name but a few of the extras you can incorporate into the design.