New Technologies That Are Changing How Dentists Operate

Modern Technologies For Dentists

You may think that a dental office has not changed much over the last 50 years or so, but you could not be further from the truth. New technologies are being introduced which improves the level of service and treatment that your local dentist provides. Below are some of the cutting-edge technologies being introduced that help your dentist take much better care of your pearly whites and keep your shining white smile.

Digital X-Rays

X-Ray technology has been around since 1895, and it is common for a patient to have an x-ray taken of their teeth and jaw for a variety of different treatments. Too many x-rays can have a devastating effect on humans due to the high levels of electromagnetic radiation. Digital x-rays work similarly to traditional x-rays, but they do not need to develop the film to see the teeth’ images, and these are displayed almost immediately on a computer screen. This system’s efficiency means that there is less exposure to harmful x-rays and less waiting for the results.

Laser Dentistry

Lasers are often thought of as technology from Sci-Fi movies, but these devices are standard in a dental clinic and can be used for various treatments. Your dentist may use them when filling cavities, and you can also use them to reduce the sensitivity of teeth and getting rid of tumours. If you undergo a tooth whitening treatment, your dentist may also use lasers to enhance the treatment’s effectiveness. A dentist in Chatswood Crown Dental Surgery will use lasers in their clinic, as will almost all other dentists throughout the country.

Dental Implants

The technology behind dental implants is something else that is almost continually evolving and helps to improve the treatments your dentist can offer. You can use dental implants to restore the smile of people with missing teeth, and it also helps to keep the integrity of the jaw, prevent further complications from developing. Metal screws are inserted into the jawbone and allowed to heal, after which the implants will then be attached. The finished effect leaves a person with a natural-looking smile, and the procedure is permanent. You look after your teeth in the usual way, and you no longer must be self-conscious of gaps or missing teeth when you smile.

Automatic Teeth Cleaning

You may think that the electric toothbrush has already been invented, so this is nothing new, but the Blizzident brush reduces the time and effort it takes to care for your teeth correctly. The device is like a mouthguard which is custom-made to fit your teeth and is simple to use. You slot the Blizzident mouthguard into your mouth and bite down on it, and use a tooth grinding motion. In as little as six seconds, your teeth are immaculate, and plaque and tartar are reduced, and they also ensure the gumline is entirely clean. You may wish to look out for this emerging technology, which can help look after your teeth and ensure they get a thorough cleaning, while also saving you a lot of time brushing them.